Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Look Back - Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2011

I said on a few occasions how much I love retro inspired things. So I thought that the Bottega Veneta Pre-fall 2011 collection would be great for this edition of ‘Look Back'.

Designer: Tomas Maier

My Top Four Looks From The Collection:
(Julia Saner & Linnea Regnander)
(Melodie Monrose & Linnea Regnander)

This is one of those simple and chic collections. What I really liked about this collection was that as classy and sophisticated as it was, there was still a playful twist. The hair and the make-up were perfect and I loved the gloves and the great bags. The styling was just what really made me love this collection. However, I did find myself being disappointed that there was not more pieces to the collection. Here is the full show. Enjoy!!!