Thursday, 13 December 2012

Juliana Imai - Editorials

I recently did a 'Focus On' post on model Juliana Imai and I was asked to post some more of her editorials by a reader who had never seen her before, but was instantly drawn to her. So here are some of my favourite editorials featuring model Juliana Imai. Enjoy!!!!

Editorial: 'Mangá Girl'
(Homem Vogue Brasil Winter 2008: Gustavo Zylbersztajn - Phographer, Unknown - Stylist)

Editorial: 'Clima Safári'
(Daslu: Eduardo Rezende & Felipe Hellmeister - Phographer, Unknown - Stylist) 

Editorial: 'Style Wars'
(Daslu: J.R. Duran - Phographer, Unknown - Stylist)

Editorial: 'Una Historia Militar'
(Harper's Bazaar Español July 2010: Alexey Yurenev & Stephanie McNiel - Photographer, Peju Famojure - Stylist)

Editorial: 'Ethnic Chic'

(Vogue China June 2007: Norbert Schoerner - Phographer, Unknown - Stylist) 

Editorial: 'Ready To Show......"
(Vogue China January 2008: Sofia & Mauro - Photographer, Unknown - Stylist 

Editorial: 'Metálica'
(M&Guia Brazil Summer 2008: Sacha Höchstetter - Phographer, Unknown - Stylist)

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