Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Chanel - Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2012

I find with Haute Couture it’s sometimes hard for me to spot items that I would actually wear. This is probably because its aimed towards a very specific audience of a small list of women who can afford it and 24 year old are probably not on that list. I feel the garments are aimed towards an older audience because that's where the money is, but I did manage to spot a few items in this Chanel collection that I thought I could wear. Hey maybe that’s an idea, someone should do a Couture collection aimed towards a younger audience. I am sure many of those women have daughters they don't mind spending money on. Alternatively, maybe I should create the collection myself. What do you think? Feel free to comment.

Anyway, let me start by saying you can never deny the workmanship that goes into a Chanel collection. However as much as I love Karl Lagerfeld and think that he is genius I was not blown away by this collection, don’t get me wrong I liked it, but I did not really get that excited as I looked at it. This may be because I am at work and just in a bad mood because I wish I could be working in fashion right now, but I did think that a look at the Chanel Haute Couture collection would cheer me up and while I did get a smile on my face I did not jump out of my seat. There was of course Tweed the staple fabric at Chanel and I love it because no one can do Tweed like Chanel, there was also a pink cut out dress that I thought was just gorgeous.

Overall, it is a very nice collection, there were many beautiful pieces but I am still waiting for a collection that I can be super excited about. We will see what today's shows bring.

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Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

this is a very cute combination, and great photos. keep on with good work :)

Ronnie said...

thank you so much

MateaTPol said...

great collection! maybe we can fallow each other? Im already fallowing you!