Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Look Back - Betsey Johnson Spring/Summer 2008 RTW

I like designers who are out there and very original in terms of what they bring to the design world and I think Betsey Johnson is one of those original designer. This collection makes me smile when I see it, so I thought it would be great for this edition of 'Look Back'.

Designer: Betsey Johnson

My Top Four Looks From The Collection:
(Flavia Lucini & Ines Crnokrak)
(Lydia Hearst & Yulia)

Betsey Johnson is just incredible to me. I love her because she never tries to be anything but herself. No one else could have done this fashion show and made me love it the way she did. This show was all about prom and I like how she looked at prom from the Fifties to the present, which was 2007 at the time. The looks were grouped by decade and each decade had its own song from the same time. I thought the pieces were cute and whimsical, which is what Betsey is all about. And of course she ended with the famous Betsey cartwheel. Here is the full show. Enjoy!!!

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