Friday, 13 July 2012

Various Models - V Man February 2011

I know this editorial is a bit older but I really liked it when it came out, and when I saw it again today I decided to post it. It is titled ‘Game On!’ and was for the February 2011 issue of V Man. The photographer was Terry Tsiolis and Jay Massacret was the Fashion Editor/Stylist. The one with Melodie Monrose & Simon Nessman is my favourite. Which one do you like best?

(Melissa Tammerijn  - Model, Alejandro Rodriguez - Male Model)
(Agnete Hegelund - Model, Michael Wozniak & Unknown - Male Model)
(Hanne Gaby Odiele - Model, Nico Krull- Male Model)
(Melodie Monrose - Model, Simon Nessman - Male Model)
 (Wang Xiao - Model, Isaac Weber - Male Model)
(Merethe Hopland - Model, Alejandro Rodriguez - Male Model)
(Liu Wen - Model, Joshua Ku - Male Model)
(Rose Corder - Model, David Agbodji - Male Model)
(Pauline Van der Cruysse - Model, Unknow - Male Models)
(Hailey Clauson - Model, Max Motta - Male Model)
(Charlotte Free - Model, Mikus Lasmanis - Male Model)
(Emily Senko - Model, Joey Regan & Nico Krull - Male Models)
(Anais Mali - Model, Chris Winters - Male Model)
(Emily Senko - Model, Julien Quevenne - Male Model)

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