Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Focus On - Kiki Kang

Kiki Kang
(Harper's Bazaar Singapore December 2010: Gyslain Yarhi - Photographer, Kenneth Gok - Stylist)

New York - Supreme Management
Paris - Elite
London - Premier Model Management
Barcelona - Elite Barcelona
Stockholm - Elite Stockholm
Hamburg - Model Management
Munich - Munich Models
Shanghai - Esee Model Management

Born in China, Kiki was discovered while in school. She has gone on to appear in Madame Figaro China and Vogue China and has graced the cover of Harper's Bazaar Singapore and Surface Magazine China. She has also appeared in ads for Target, and was the face of Topshop

(Vogue Taiwan October 2009Akosphoto.com - Photographer, Keiko Hitotsuyama - Stylist)

The thing I love the most about Kiki are her lips, they are amazing, and I also love the fact that you can't really tell what her ethnicity is. I love that in a model. Sometimes she looks Chinese sometimes she looks Korean sometimes she looks mixed race and sometimes she looks Black, its amazing and really beautiful and gives her the ability to appeal to a wide range of people.

(Madame Figaro China April 2012: Charles Guo - Photographer, Unknown - Stylist)

The first time I really took notice of Kiki was when I saw the 'Midas Touch' editorial for Harper's Bazaar Singapore. It was set at the beautiful Hotel Crillon and Kiki was elegance personified. It was a golden photo shoot and I was just in awe of how beautiful the model and pictures were. The styling was great and I even loved the winged eyeliner which I usually can't stand. I think this is one of my favourite editorials from Harper's Bazaar. This is another time where I literally wanted everything in the shoot and I love the elegance of her neck and everything just meshes so well in this photo shoot.

(Harper's Bazaar Singapore December 2010: Gyslain Yarhi - Photographer, Kenneth Gok- Stylist)

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