Thursday, 14 June 2012

Model Ballerina - Isabella

I saw these pictures taken by Maayan Ziv of fresh-faced beauty Isabella, signed to Ford models, and I thought they were really pretty. Isabella who is not only a model, but a professional ballerina as well, brought both her talents to the shoot and this resulted in a hybrid that I like to call 'Modelrina'. Stylist Valeria Vald created a fun, cute look by pairing ballet slippers with denim shorts and Converse all-stars with a tulle tutu.

I think these pictures are a great start to her carer and part of the reason I think she will do so well in the industry is because of her dance background. A background in dance can either be a blessing or a curse for a model, I sometimes find that because of the dance training, models can bring beautiful body movements, and forget the face. However some models are able to strike the perfect balance and give you the amazing movements they gained from dance mixed with the enviable face expressions that models are so well know for. I think Isabella is still on her way to finding the perfect balance but these pictures are really beautiful and because of her height, her ability to stand on her toes can give her the appearance of a longer body. Her face is truly beautiful and she will definitely work a lot in the industry. The first picture blew me away, you can really see how beautiful her face is.


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