Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sonia Rykiel Resort 2013

I've been asked what a resort collection is, so for those of you who are not sure, a resort collection is a collection that lands in stores around November to fill the gap between Autumn/Winter (which arrives in store in September), and Spring/Summer (which is in stores in February). Resort collections started out being targeted towards richer customers, who travelled to a warmer country in winter, so resort collections are usually filled with light summer clothing and swimwear. So its basically a holiday collection.

This is my favourite resort collection so far i feel like if i bought this whole collection i could just pack it and be ready for my holiday and to me that's what a resort collection is all about. I feel they covered every event you may need to attend. I love the 80's vibe with the knotted tanks and stirrup leggings. Also did you notice the almost geisha-like, lacquered wood sandals and belted kimono jackets (Love it). I also thought the rose motif inspired by the traditional Japanese woodblock printing looked really beautiful on the dress. Even with all those influences I still feel the 'Frenchness' that I love so much in a Sonia Rykiel collection, and that's what I really like about this fashion house I feel everything they do is true to them. This collection really makes me want a holiday. Enjoy!

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