Friday, 29 June 2012

Look Back - Fendi Spring/Summer 2007 RTW

I have been thinking about this collection a lot recently, so I decided it would be perfect for this edition of 'Look back'.

Designer: Karl Lagerfeld

My Top Four Looks From The Collection:
(Andreea Stancu & Valentina Zelyaeva)
(Freja Beha Erichsen & Andreea Stancu)

This collection was just so beautiful. Firstly, the colour palette of black, navy, white, silver, and shocking pink surprised me. The pink threw me off for a moment because I was just not expecting it. However, Mr Lagerfeld being the genius that he is, was able to ‘make it work’. A lot of designer that season were using couture details in their ready-to-wear collection but Mr Lagerfeld took it to another level he used materials that are not the easiest to work with, like black silicone and silver leather that was laser-cut to resemble metallic mesh and then he threw in some knits for good measure. I felt like I was going back in time and visiting the future at the same time. It was the futuristic Sixties. (That makes no sense but I hope you understand what I mean). I loved all the items in this show I really wanted every piece but since I cannot afford them right now it nice to keep looking at the collection repeatedly. Here is the show. Enjoy!!!


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I love this look back! Please take a look,

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Love this post!!!! Congrats!!

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